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Awhile ago I had my black BMW washed at there car wash on pecos . The next day I noticed all the scratches on my paint near the rim of my doors on both sides of the car upper part. After notifying terrible herbst filing a report the corporate office told me that there's no way there machine could of created those scratches. Hello your machine did make those scratches after looking how there... Read more

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Was just at Ann and 95 store The dip *** behind the counter with a towel on his head could not even say hi or anything dropped my change on counter!!! This is the help you hire will not go to your stores any more!! Been here 38 years and will promote not going to your stores!!!! My number is 702-533-2785 Add comment

I took my 2014 dodge truck for a wash at the T.H. On sunset and Annie Oakey. I had no damage on my truck before I arrived but noticed damage when I got it back. They had dented the bed on the drivers side. The use brushes before they get put through the wash and that's where it was done. The " person in charge " said no way it was the fault of the care wash. After asking for his name he said I... Read more

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I was in Terrible's located at 9991 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117 (corner of Charleston & Hualapai). I was waiting in line talking with my best friend from OK who had an MRI and is scheduled for a surgery tomorrow 9/1/15 at a hospital in Tulsa. She made a gesture to hang up my phone and fingered another customer forward. I hung up my IMPORTANT call and asked her "is there some reason... Read more

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horrible experience. went to their location at 11 Nellis and Charlston Blvd (Las Vegas NV) to change oil and check for liquids. before i left i check the fluids my self - they were low, so i asked for refill and paid extra for "silver service". when i came home i noticed the fluids were still low. went to other mechanic to ask him to check for oil. he show me dirty filter and dark, cloudy oil - ... Read more

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Worst car wash i have ever had i might well dud it myself waste of miney at marks and sunset las vegas wi Add comment

I love terrible I do have 4 cars always take it in for an oil change excellent job the car wash I had on Thursday was the worst interior job I have ever seen my floors were disgusting still had catch up splattered on the side they didn't wipe down anything absolutely horrible very depressed over the whole situation Add comment

I took my car to the Terrible Herbst Wigwam lube location to get my oil and filter changed. They forgot to put antifreeze and to find out few days later that my coolant tank was bone dry. I called to speak to the manager and he would not admit his fault so I had to spend $20 more for coolant. I do not have a leak and have no problems. I have pretty much lost faith in Terrible Herbst after getting... Read more

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Went to the terribles on Maryland Parkway and Tropicana. Paid for a deluxe car wash. After getting out of the carwash I look the vehicle over and there's still dirt! I mean I could draw on the Windows... Complete ripoff!! Add comment

I stop at Terribles everyday Monday-Friday at at least once a day if not twice. I always have a pleasant experience that's why I return. The staff is friendly and over all the store has what I need. I normally go to the location on Russell and Polaris next to the corporate office but today I found myself on the opposite side of the street no big deal there is another location across the street. ... Read more

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